Thursday, May 20, 2010

Subway Series

Aiyo !! That has been my situtation on the subway for the last couple of days. Started off like a strange day where i got a seat at the end of the cart (two seater). Two stops into a prego woman walks on and no one offered her a seat so i did the right thing being that i was in the handicap seats. Ok, i decided to stand where this character is standing except i was attempting to read my S.I (sports Illustrated) World cup issue. My luck i get to my article and at Prospect park the train got ran-sacked! Some woman had the nerve to try to squeeze into the train which made 4 ppl stuck at the door for 3 stops. She couldn't hold on to anything - grabbing other ppl. Leaning on me and bumping into me everytime the train stopped or accelerated. She was working on her apologize all the way to 14th st saying sorry...sorry...sorry! First time in a long time that i stayed awake on the train since i usually take a nap. I know my early bedtime -9:30pm had to do with that energy i had.
Since we are on the subway come the MTA knows how to screw ppl over at the worst times. Rush hour on the way to work and back home. I was on the Q-train going home in a seat comfortable and left work early. We got into bklyn - dekalb and the train decided to go on the N-line. Wow, ok fine no problem. I will just go to Coney Island and do extra reading since i got new books from Barnes and Noble. Thanks to my baby. I finished reading the book that my quack gave me which i liked and returned it. So i am on a mission to read my next book. Half-way into bklyn my train decideds to run on the R -line now !!! Wtf - i transfered for a real N-train since that was the only train that was going to get me to Coney Island. Took me about an hour and 45 mins to get home on a 40min -1 hr ride home. Typical MTA for you and the prices of rides never fails to go up.
Don't you ever want to tell the person passed out with their mouth wide open to close it. Otherwise, i will take some pictures for FB comments. How about the riders who think they fit in a seat that does not hold their capacity! I can't stand dirty jewish men with some skin condition issue and stink like they haven't washed clothes in weeks. Forget about the ppl who decide to eat right next to you. Not a muffin or yogurt. Cooked eggs in a chinese container with a fork. Oh, how the smell wakes u up quickly. I thought someone was riping it near by but i was wrong. It was the lady next to me who couldn't get up early enough to eat at home.
Daily stories on the Q-train. I could go on and on with this issue. Please feel free to share you horror stories.

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  1. I was on what used to be the "W" train on the way home from Hunter when some over weight Asian teenager who fell asleep was snoring the whole way...the best part...snot was coming out of his nose and flying across the cart everytime he exhaled.
    My favorite- not for its gross factor- is a 4 foot 8 hispanic woman doing lifts on the bar in the subway from 18th ave to 9th ave on the D line- she was really getting her exercise in