Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy weekend

Hi Followers,
Today is such a beautiful day...suck that i couldn't sleep in a little longer. I thought i had my alarm off so i wouldn't wake up as if it were a work day. Had a monster breakfast and backed to play either soccer or handball. Couldn't help but play handball but i will be sure to play soccer next week. Got new RollerBlades at a pretty fair price. I am def. exhausted and about to have some fish with rice and potatoes. My friend - Janelle is on her way back from Orlando. My dad is getting ready for the world cup 2010 in south africa. Printing out the complete schedule. I also got tickets to the mets game vs marlins on june 5th. We got nose bleeds but i'm sure we could have gotten better tickets but i can always watch another game later. Going to see what they hype is about with Avatar tonight if we are not doing anything at my gf's house. Tomorrow will be another day. Did i tell you i am working to win the lottery (either powerball or mega) I really could use it to help relax and take care of everyone around me since i have such a big heart. Yes, maybe a little ego but for the most part considerate. Expect more since this is my first blog posting. Many more to come. Hopefully i will check out coney island...all these thing i want to do but never time to enjoy each activity. We will see how things play out tonight.
You know what time it is.

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