Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Safety First

Bon jour, Hola, Greetings, Oye...Anyway you say it. It's always friendly and welcomed. Same thing goes when you buy food. The sell by label is always a warm welcome keeing you posted with the expiration date. I have noticed more and more that little shops and vendors in manhattan have no shame or regards for other the general public. I bought a pack of mini oreo's and can not tell you how shocked i was when i got to my desk to realize i was sold expired goods. I have noticed this trend everywhere in mid-town. The biggest tours site. Time Square - 42nd st. NYC ! Would you eat it or drink it?
Some people would say that it is only stale or flat...I say no good! Why would you spend money on something that isn't worth anything anymore. How much harm can you do by ingesting something no recommended by date. The FDA approves the rate at which produce good perrish. These are all cost included into the product when sold. Vendors don't pay full original prices. They get everything at a discounted rate knowing that everything will perrish. I want to ask these vendors would they feed their children with this crap.
Business isn't always business when your ethics are unjust. I would give them the benefit of the doubt if they didn't know but for the most part they don't care. I will test this theory and see how these vendors go about their business. I will purchase something and then as i get my change back i will look at the expiration date and point it out to them. I want to see if i get my money back or pick another item. Half the time i find it difficult to find a expiration date. Is it me or do you ever wonder if they erase it? Speak out to those who have a license to sell. They should know better for all man kind. On the look for a new and better vendor.

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