Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introduction + a side of fries

Howdy, I forgot to introdue myself. My name is Mauricio N..... Some of you might know me already...please don't go south with my last name it rhymes with Loyola College. Not that i have ever attended or enrolled in that university. I went to the Hunter College and got my degree in Accounting. Who knew i would end up becoming a biller? I must say that i have learned alot along the way from previous jobs. I will get into that discussion another time but what i am trying to say is that living and learns take you on a journey. I have grown and learned alot (gaining experience). Meeting and networking with very interesting ppl. I would recommend reading..You're too smart for this - beating the 100 big lies about your first job. by Michael Ball. I am almost done with the book and i can say that it has opened my mind and eyes when it comes to looking at things in a different light.
Woke up with the craziest headache. Def. must have been the lack of sleep i have been getting but i took the time to sum up my day + a side of fries. I had a very great bonding experience with my dad which i like a lot. We had breakfast together, dropped my prescription and heading to the city by train to meet my gf. She reads this stuff and i have to watch what i say but you never know. I get so into this i might just blog away with no worries. This is such a great tension release and wonderful outlook of my life. Those who take the time to read will see how wonderful life can be when you embrace it. Yes, yes laugh it up over there. Might sound cheesy but it's pretty accurate.
I got my first METS jumpsuit/jacket. It is very warm and i got it at a great discount 50%..yes i love to bargin when i can but not afraid to pay the retail price. Wasn't able to have a jamba juice i guess it wasn't meant to be. Got new books to read - more like teach me things i wanted to re-learn and master. Put it into practice - bookkeeping and peachtree (which is a typical accounting program). Which i can relate to other programs down the road but i have it installed on my laptop so i will use that for now. Finally, went to trader joe's in the city - didn't get much but i know where it is for future. DSW was packed so i have to go on the weekday to get sneakers with my 30% coupon. Did all this with my wonderful gf and it was nice to have her company like always. Always looking foward to the weekend so you should expect loads of things for me talk about. The week might be morning but i'll try to spice it up for you NY. Till then be safe and make some ME time (1 hr minimum) each weekend.

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  1. u can be as honest as you want im sure ur gf wont mind ;)