Monday, December 20, 2010

What's the price for dinner and a movie?

Times have changed from the good old days...Now a days, movie tickets are going up like inflation. Have you noticed that Dinner and a movie is becoming more expensive. Is it worth it? Really, most of the movies out today are remakes of classics that should have never been touched. The only movie i am interested in is Meet The Little Flockers and that isn't worth the price of admission. I might as well wait for another 2 months to get it in the mail Thur Netflix. The creativity of directors and producers have been lacking but never fails to put up a great movie from time to time.
2010 - Avatar, The blind side, District 9, An education, Hurt locker (refer to:
2009-  Slumdog Millionaire
  • 2008: No Country for Old Men

  • 2007: The Departed

  • 2006: Crash

  • 2005:  Million Dollar Baby

  • 2004: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  • 2003: Chicago

  • 2002: A Beautiful Mind

  • 2001: Gladiator

  • 2000: American Beauty

  • 1999: Shakespeare in Love

  • This list below is the cost of movie tickets - Please be reminded this does not include 3D movies or IMAX shows and the price should be increased by location. Refer to WSJ issues on topic (


    The next generation has moved from the the theater to home sound surround. Technology is getting better with time and the quality of of movies and surround sound has changed the way we enjoy home theater experience. Films have gone from VHS to DVD and reached Blue Ray. Televisions have gone from tubes to flat screen. High definition and even 3D has been available. Will we see 4D? The living room experience has moved from sofa to actual home theatre seats with cup holder and that recline. Giving the feeling of being in the theatres in the comfort of your own home. All of the initial investment of furniture and electronics has finally paid off.

    Movies come to us at a low cost. Netflix leading competitor in the movie business has gone up and up over the last 3 years. Recently increasing the price per product which i have provided below.

    Did you know that Netflix in 2006 was at $50 per share and today it is at $180 per share. Oh boy, I should have invested after my experience with them. Most individuals who are unemployed/employed/retired are living off the entertainment that netflix has to provide with the free month trial which leads to memberships have gain tons of viewers and loyal customers. Why not? Nothing better than a comedy or new flick to take your mind of the real world problems. I can attest to that who sends high recommendations for the service provided.

    Why go the movies when you can stream movie to your computer, laptop, net book, phones and iPad. Downloading movies illegally has decreased but still capable making it free to those who have the knowledge and understanding of what they are doing. Privacy protection has made it harder for individuals to burn copies from the original copies. Either way it is still easily accessible to many viewers with Internet. Buying it Thur third parties like itunes, amazon, xbox, blockbuster, cable, red box, and cheap deals in stores who are desperate to lower their inventory.

    Its cheaper and better suited to watch movies at home. You can pause, rewind, stop, and always recap what you a missed at the luxury of your own. Popcorn and soda alone is the admission price! Who is really winning? Privacy of watching a movie with a loved one, friends and family. Cutting out the obnoxious people who comment on every little thing and always have to give lip to others who are trying to enjoy the movie.

    It is always cheaper to make your own meals at home in the comfort of your home. It is nice going out to restaurants to see what they have to offer but have you noticed that every place to eat near theaters have nothing good to offer but fast food chains. We have TGIF, Apple Bee's, McDonalds and local Diners with decent price meals but average taste.  At the end of the night a couple would spend $50-60 a night for a movie and dinner. I just don't think your getting the value of your money to be going on a constant basis. I would definitely say go once and a while to the theatre to experience a movie your itching to see.

    On that note, bed bugs have been a popular pest for the year and scaring people all over the world. Being in hotels, theatres, shopping malls and even at work. Another reason to keep you from going but these are risk we live with each day. You never know and shouldn't live in fear but you should not be dumb about what is going on in the world today. Keep yourself updated with your surroundings. I hope this will open your eyes and minds open.

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    T'is the season

    Many of you are wondering where did summer go? Are we really in September already...Where did august go? It came and went...just like the sun rises and falls. The same goes for the Flu...the pest of every individual. You would think having the flu shot would lower the changes which it does at a price of discomfort for a few days. Those who opt out of that option will just rough the storm and deal with all the sick people out using poor manners in containing the flu. Sneezing on their hands to actually sneezing on other people. I am sure they have heard that a sneeze can travel 100 ft per second !
    In this day and is very important to many of us...we must fight through the up and down days...especially now with so many people hitting bumps on the road causing them to run to their beds. Not being a bad thing since that is what we look forward to on the weekends. Information has been provided for so many years now on how to prevent and recover. Starting from having a glass of OJ (orange juice) to energy packs that have all the vitamins which will give you a fighting chance. Cold and flu congestion syrup...what you must keep in mind is drink plenty of water and plenty of sleep. These two simple concepts are not exercised on a daily basis and it should be for you own health.
    Self-awareness is also key when you trying to make it through the season. I don't think i need to list all the tell-tale signs...if you don't already know them here are a few. Someone sweating profusely, pale looking, cold chills in places where the climate is normal, runny nose that doesn't stop. I would highly recommend that you keep your distance and enter at your own risk. You will encounter moments that you can't avoid. Just practice good clean habits from wash your hand and putting your clothes in the wash or hamper away from your sleeping area.
    Global warming is a major factor that disrupts our sense on climate control. This triggers our autoimmune system to under estimate potential threats and causing us to get sick. Be aware and you will be able to evade or prevent being infected. Expect a cold winter because we had a great summer even though it went by fast. Dress for the weather is always a tricky thing to do since no one can predict the weather....we sure can get close at times as the hours approach. T's the season to be jolly is an under-statement.

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Whoa !! What the F@cK !!!

    Tick Tac !! What happened to those lovable breath mints. My favorite was the orange flavored. Everyone should carry the inexpensive life saver. I don't but after what i have experience it makes me want to more than ever.
            Have you ever sat down next to someone or even stand next to someone while they are talking to a friend. When it hits you and the horrible disgusting smell hits you. That smell is someone who hasn't eaten or drank anything in over an hour. Maybe that person suffers from bad breathe over time.
             Poor hygiene could be the major issue here.  What kind of signals must you give someone before you have to say wow your breathe stinks!?!? I have tried coughing as if i smelled something bad with a gagging motion to covering my nose and mouth as the stench hovers in my direction. Where is line? What is crossing the line? Recommending a book - Dental Hygiene: Theory and Practice
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    Sunday, August 1, 2010

    Ready - Aim - Fire !

    Is it just me or is every guy out there always trying to figure out the right spot to hit when your taking a whiz... For those who don't know {ladies} it is not easy getting it all into the bowl or urinal without some kind of urine or urine/water splashing out from the force of our urine hitting the wall/side/water. I have tried many angles and methods. Nothing has proven well enough to pass the test out of multiple trails. I have tried the tree-tops which is on the very top part where the water runs down when you flush. I have tried the top corners - the lower corners - straight on- in the water - on the cake - and yet no solution to this mysterious spot. I have been to places where people place a sticker asking you to hit the spider or invitations to other locations. I have come to believe that the only thing that works is urinals shaped in out figures with deep canals to pee into or ice that is left in urinals.
    Flush and pee doesn't work and your only wasting water if you have to flush twice to take a leak. Taking a leak slow or fast doesn't change any the outcome. I have only seen a few places that place ice into the urinals or have non-standard urinals. Their is only one thing that separates them from general local vendors...and that is the money they invest into keeping bathrooms up to par for customers aka clients. How many time have you been to a poor maintained bathroom. I say that those places show you how they treat you and probably how they treat your food. Moving pass that i ask you fellow men among us to post your opinion on the right spot.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Personality + Shoes = You

    Shoes, sneakers, heels, sandals, flip-flops, air force one, Nike, Adidas, converse, dress shoes, DC, etc... Everyone selects what they want to be seen wearing. I was riding the train and my mind took a strange view on society. Some look at people's clothes, face, hair, etc.. You can say that all these attributes would give you a first impression of a person. Allowing you to judge if someone is approachable (Cool, mean, bitchy, slutty, easy, smart, dumb,weird, Gothic, hip, retro, punk and even race).
    I can tell you how i found it interesting that I wear many pairs of shoes and yet they all define me in the same category. Watching NYC passengers get on the train and off the train. I could tell you that you start to realize that some people spend a lot of money on shoes...Uncomfortable with very thin soles. So many people complain that their feet hurt and yet they wear bad quality shoes that have a name brand. Loads of women suffer wearing thing sole shoes that have no support just to please others that they will probably never see again. Being in the train, club, bar, lounge, work, park, beach, trips, etc...
    Foot doctors are not covered in your insurance plan unless you really have done so much damage to your feet that your either deformed, crippled or scarred for life. Many different cultures see beauty in a different light. Women who break and bandage their feet to fit smaller shoes. This is just one of many stories. The general public is never really educated on the important of health - we are a fat nation. How much longer can our feet take with all the unhealthy meals we get on go. For some who don't know you should buy a pair of shoes to replace ones that you use on a daily basis at least every 6 months. Keep that in mind when your put on your shoes and work out in.
    I ask you fellow followers to take some time and take a look around. Tell me what you think. Share your input on the matter and spread the good word about comfort. It sure is important to keep you on your feet. Your feet take one heck of a pounding everyday.

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Safety First

    Bon jour, Hola, Greetings, Oye...Anyway you say it. It's always friendly and welcomed. Same thing goes when you buy food. The sell by label is always a warm welcome keeing you posted with the expiration date. I have noticed more and more that little shops and vendors in manhattan have no shame or regards for other the general public. I bought a pack of mini oreo's and can not tell you how shocked i was when i got to my desk to realize i was sold expired goods. I have noticed this trend everywhere in mid-town. The biggest tours site. Time Square - 42nd st. NYC ! Would you eat it or drink it?
    Some people would say that it is only stale or flat...I say no good! Why would you spend money on something that isn't worth anything anymore. How much harm can you do by ingesting something no recommended by date. The FDA approves the rate at which produce good perrish. These are all cost included into the product when sold. Vendors don't pay full original prices. They get everything at a discounted rate knowing that everything will perrish. I want to ask these vendors would they feed their children with this crap.
    Business isn't always business when your ethics are unjust. I would give them the benefit of the doubt if they didn't know but for the most part they don't care. I will test this theory and see how these vendors go about their business. I will purchase something and then as i get my change back i will look at the expiration date and point it out to them. I want to see if i get my money back or pick another item. Half the time i find it difficult to find a expiration date. Is it me or do you ever wonder if they erase it? Speak out to those who have a license to sell. They should know better for all man kind. On the look for a new and better vendor.

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Subway Series

    Aiyo !! That has been my situtation on the subway for the last couple of days. Started off like a strange day where i got a seat at the end of the cart (two seater). Two stops into a prego woman walks on and no one offered her a seat so i did the right thing being that i was in the handicap seats. Ok, i decided to stand where this character is standing except i was attempting to read my S.I (sports Illustrated) World cup issue. My luck i get to my article and at Prospect park the train got ran-sacked! Some woman had the nerve to try to squeeze into the train which made 4 ppl stuck at the door for 3 stops. She couldn't hold on to anything - grabbing other ppl. Leaning on me and bumping into me everytime the train stopped or accelerated. She was working on her apologize all the way to 14th st saying sorry...sorry...sorry! First time in a long time that i stayed awake on the train since i usually take a nap. I know my early bedtime -9:30pm had to do with that energy i had.
    Since we are on the subway come the MTA knows how to screw ppl over at the worst times. Rush hour on the way to work and back home. I was on the Q-train going home in a seat comfortable and left work early. We got into bklyn - dekalb and the train decided to go on the N-line. Wow, ok fine no problem. I will just go to Coney Island and do extra reading since i got new books from Barnes and Noble. Thanks to my baby. I finished reading the book that my quack gave me which i liked and returned it. So i am on a mission to read my next book. Half-way into bklyn my train decideds to run on the R -line now !!! Wtf - i transfered for a real N-train since that was the only train that was going to get me to Coney Island. Took me about an hour and 45 mins to get home on a 40min -1 hr ride home. Typical MTA for you and the prices of rides never fails to go up.
    Don't you ever want to tell the person passed out with their mouth wide open to close it. Otherwise, i will take some pictures for FB comments. How about the riders who think they fit in a seat that does not hold their capacity! I can't stand dirty jewish men with some skin condition issue and stink like they haven't washed clothes in weeks. Forget about the ppl who decide to eat right next to you. Not a muffin or yogurt. Cooked eggs in a chinese container with a fork. Oh, how the smell wakes u up quickly. I thought someone was riping it near by but i was wrong. It was the lady next to me who couldn't get up early enough to eat at home.
    Daily stories on the Q-train. I could go on and on with this issue. Please feel free to share you horror stories.