Sunday, June 20, 2010

Personality + Shoes = You

Shoes, sneakers, heels, sandals, flip-flops, air force one, Nike, Adidas, converse, dress shoes, DC, etc... Everyone selects what they want to be seen wearing. I was riding the train and my mind took a strange view on society. Some look at people's clothes, face, hair, etc.. You can say that all these attributes would give you a first impression of a person. Allowing you to judge if someone is approachable (Cool, mean, bitchy, slutty, easy, smart, dumb,weird, Gothic, hip, retro, punk and even race).
I can tell you how i found it interesting that I wear many pairs of shoes and yet they all define me in the same category. Watching NYC passengers get on the train and off the train. I could tell you that you start to realize that some people spend a lot of money on shoes...Uncomfortable with very thin soles. So many people complain that their feet hurt and yet they wear bad quality shoes that have a name brand. Loads of women suffer wearing thing sole shoes that have no support just to please others that they will probably never see again. Being in the train, club, bar, lounge, work, park, beach, trips, etc...
Foot doctors are not covered in your insurance plan unless you really have done so much damage to your feet that your either deformed, crippled or scarred for life. Many different cultures see beauty in a different light. Women who break and bandage their feet to fit smaller shoes. This is just one of many stories. The general public is never really educated on the important of health - we are a fat nation. How much longer can our feet take with all the unhealthy meals we get on go. For some who don't know you should buy a pair of shoes to replace ones that you use on a daily basis at least every 6 months. Keep that in mind when your put on your shoes and work out in.
I ask you fellow followers to take some time and take a look around. Tell me what you think. Share your input on the matter and spread the good word about comfort. It sure is important to keep you on your feet. Your feet take one heck of a pounding everyday.