Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whoa !! What the F@cK !!!

Tick Tac !! What happened to those lovable breath mints. My favorite was the orange flavored. Everyone should carry the inexpensive life saver. I don't but after what i have experience it makes me want to more than ever.
        Have you ever sat down next to someone or even stand next to someone while they are talking to a friend. When it hits you and the horrible disgusting smell hits you. That smell is someone who hasn't eaten or drank anything in over an hour. Maybe that person suffers from bad breathe over time.
         Poor hygiene could be the major issue here.  What kind of signals must you give someone before you have to say wow your breathe stinks!?!? I have tried coughing as if i smelled something bad with a gagging motion to covering my nose and mouth as the stench hovers in my direction. Where is line? What is crossing the line? Recommending a book - Dental Hygiene: Theory and Practice
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready - Aim - Fire !

Is it just me or is every guy out there always trying to figure out the right spot to hit when your taking a whiz... For those who don't know {ladies} it is not easy getting it all into the bowl or urinal without some kind of urine or urine/water splashing out from the force of our urine hitting the wall/side/water. I have tried many angles and methods. Nothing has proven well enough to pass the test out of multiple trails. I have tried the tree-tops which is on the very top part where the water runs down when you flush. I have tried the top corners - the lower corners - straight on- in the water - on the cake - and yet no solution to this mysterious spot. I have been to places where people place a sticker asking you to hit the spider or invitations to other locations. I have come to believe that the only thing that works is urinals shaped in out figures with deep canals to pee into or ice that is left in urinals.
Flush and pee doesn't work and your only wasting water if you have to flush twice to take a leak. Taking a leak slow or fast doesn't change any the outcome. I have only seen a few places that place ice into the urinals or have non-standard urinals. Their is only one thing that separates them from general local vendors...and that is the money they invest into keeping bathrooms up to par for customers aka clients. How many time have you been to a poor maintained bathroom. I say that those places show you how they treat you and probably how they treat your food. Moving pass that i ask you fellow men among us to post your opinion on the right spot.