Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whoa !! What the F@cK !!!

Tick Tac !! What happened to those lovable breath mints. My favorite was the orange flavored. Everyone should carry the inexpensive life saver. I don't but after what i have experience it makes me want to more than ever.
        Have you ever sat down next to someone or even stand next to someone while they are talking to a friend. When it hits you and the horrible disgusting smell hits you. That smell is someone who hasn't eaten or drank anything in over an hour. Maybe that person suffers from bad breathe over time.
         Poor hygiene could be the major issue here.  What kind of signals must you give someone before you have to say wow your breathe stinks!?!? I have tried coughing as if i smelled something bad with a gagging motion to covering my nose and mouth as the stench hovers in my direction. Where is line? What is crossing the line? Recommending a book - Dental Hygiene: Theory and Practice
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  2. Cigarette smoke can cause some killer bad breath...if you're dealing with a close-talker who has just finished off their morning-coffee that may cause you to breathe w/just one nostril open...I agree though, bad breath stinks!