Sunday, September 12, 2010

T'is the season

Many of you are wondering where did summer go? Are we really in September already...Where did august go? It came and went...just like the sun rises and falls. The same goes for the Flu...the pest of every individual. You would think having the flu shot would lower the changes which it does at a price of discomfort for a few days. Those who opt out of that option will just rough the storm and deal with all the sick people out using poor manners in containing the flu. Sneezing on their hands to actually sneezing on other people. I am sure they have heard that a sneeze can travel 100 ft per second !
In this day and is very important to many of us...we must fight through the up and down days...especially now with so many people hitting bumps on the road causing them to run to their beds. Not being a bad thing since that is what we look forward to on the weekends. Information has been provided for so many years now on how to prevent and recover. Starting from having a glass of OJ (orange juice) to energy packs that have all the vitamins which will give you a fighting chance. Cold and flu congestion syrup...what you must keep in mind is drink plenty of water and plenty of sleep. These two simple concepts are not exercised on a daily basis and it should be for you own health.
Self-awareness is also key when you trying to make it through the season. I don't think i need to list all the tell-tale signs...if you don't already know them here are a few. Someone sweating profusely, pale looking, cold chills in places where the climate is normal, runny nose that doesn't stop. I would highly recommend that you keep your distance and enter at your own risk. You will encounter moments that you can't avoid. Just practice good clean habits from wash your hand and putting your clothes in the wash or hamper away from your sleeping area.
Global warming is a major factor that disrupts our sense on climate control. This triggers our autoimmune system to under estimate potential threats and causing us to get sick. Be aware and you will be able to evade or prevent being infected. Expect a cold winter because we had a great summer even though it went by fast. Dress for the weather is always a tricky thing to do since no one can predict the weather....we sure can get close at times as the hours approach. T's the season to be jolly is an under-statement.

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